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bundle of joya

This book on the right is the first collection of all the weekly illustrations and cartoons I posted on my IG profile: @Erezadok

How it's all started? Thanks for asking!

Joya is my parents’ dog.

That my wife Lina and I decided to care for after my mom was diagnosed with cancer. 

My mom's immune system was severely weakened from her treatments, so we had to find Joya a new home. Our home!

As freelance artist who works at home, Joya and I spend most of the time together and it really inspired me to use my skill to share our funny and relatable experiences with the world.

Months ago I created the “Bundle Of Joya” weekly illustration on my Instagram account and to my great surprise, the reactions were just incredible. People all over the world start sharing with me their touching stories with their own dogs and it’s so heartwarming.







JOYA 2.jpg


Hi everyone, I'm Erez Zadok, a comic book artist and the creator of the weekly cartoon, "Bundle Of Joya", based on my life, as a husband, a parent and  a dog owner. Please, go ahead and meet my lovely family.

Then Lina gave birth to May and REAL fun began. Sharing my family domestic adventures are a pure enjoyment. is the exact reason I became an artist, to be able to tell stories that communicate and touch others. 


pics from reality

Joya and Erez Zadok.JPG
Erez Zadok family.jpg

Regarding to my mom, against all odds she has recovered from cancer and now  we're doing our best keep her stronger and stronger.  We all hope for her to stay at the safe zone again.

Joya with Erez Zadok in studio.jpg
Bundle Of Joya_Joya with her book_Erez Z
Bundle Of Joya_Joya profile pic_Erez Zad


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